Advertised Applications


Application No: EL007275 Application No: EL007279 Application No: EL007283
Locality: North of Glenthompson Locality: South East of Glenthompson Locality: North of Glenthompson
Area of Application: 14 Graticular Sections Area of Application: 24 Graticular Sections Area of Application: 34 Graticular Sections
Date of Application: 2 July 2020 Date of Application: 2 July 2020 Date of Application: 14 July 2020
Term the licence is applied: 5 years Term the licence is applied: 5 years Term the licence is applied: 5 years

The program of the proposed exploration activities is set out below – Westrock Minerals intends to carry out systematic and staged exploration. General exploration will consist of:

  • Desk-top studies and targeting to develop an exploration model based on historical exploration results,
  • Ground truthing, mapping and systematic soil sampling to define exploration targets and improve critical understanding of local geology,
  • Possible ground geophysics followed by RC scout drilling of exploration targets to provide definitive testing, and on positive result,
  • Follow-up geophysics and geochemistry to further define the nature and extent of mineral prospects.

Environment Strategy

Rehabilitation of sites will be carried out when practicable after exploration activities have taken place in line with the current Guidelines for environmental management in exploration and mining. Westrock Minerals are conscious of all site -specific environmental sensitivities, such as weeds and endangered flora and fauna and will act accordingly.

The Community Engagement Plan

The community engagement plan is broadly based on the following:

  • Identify individuals or groups which may be impacted by the mineral exploration by compiling a list of adjacent landowners, persons living on or in the vicinity of the area and assess the impact of the activities to them.
  • Westrock Minerals believes in a direct communication approach and considers direct face to face the best way to connect with related individuals or groups. Any contact or complaints will be noted, and the individual or group will be contacted.