Stavely Block 1 Cu-Au Project (Vic)

The Stavely Block 1 project consists of EL6869 that was granted to Westrock Minerals in April 2020 for an initial period of 5 years. EL6869 covers an area of approximately 964 km2, lying parallel and immediately to the west of the Mt Stavely Volcanic Complex (MSVC) that hosts a number of porphyry and intrusive-related Cu prospects, including Thursday’s Gossan. 

In comparison to the MSVC, Stavely Block 1 contains several Cambrian intrusions of varying magnetic characteristics. Three volcanic arcs, likely to be of similar age as MSVC, are also present. Partially due to a thin cover of Newer Volcanic Group in the southern portion of the tenement, EL6869 has received very limited historic exploration.

Westrock believes that EL6869 has the potential for hosting porphyry Cu-Au and epithermal Au deposits, and possibly other styles of mineralisation. Exploration activities by the company during the first year of tenure will focus on defining drilling targets through geochemistry and geophysics techniques. Drill testing of the resulting targets is planned for the end of the first year or early second year. Drilling success will lead to further follow up exploration.