EL006869 (the Stavely Block 1 project), comprising of 1106 graticules, was granted to Westrock in April 2020. In March 2022, 3 small contiguous licences of a total of 73 graticules were amalgamated into the project. The new EL006869, comprising of 1160 graticules, is retained as the ongoing licence. All exploration licences were granted with the exclusion of Crown Lands.

Known mineral occurrences in the broad project area are mainly concentrated along the Stavely Arc. There are three known mineral occurrences in EL006869. Heifer Swamp, located in the northeast corner of the tenement, is an undrilled IP anomaly that may be associated with intrusive-related base metal mineralisation. Kookaburra is an orogenic vein-style gold occurrence identified by one rock chip assay of 0.53 g/t Au (CRA Exploration). An epithermal vein-type gold occurrence, Balbeggie, lies 5.5 km SE of Glenthompson and 2.5 km west of the nearest Stavely Arc outcrop. It is associated with low-order gold in soil anomalism and base metals from RAB drilling.

Westrock is exploring for intrusion-related Au-Cu and volcanic-hosted polymetallic deposits.

Exploration Program

Since April 2020, Westrock has carried out a number of exploration programs at Stavely Block 1:

  • A regional geophysical re-interpretation and targeting exercise.
  • Review of historic exploration.
  • A 75-water bore (State and private) hydrogeochemical sampling and targeting program.
  • Reconnaissance field recce and rock chip sampling.
  • A depth-to-magnetic-sources geophysical modelling exercise.
  • A 7-hole RC scout drilling program.
  • A 650-sample auger soil sampling program in the northern portion of the project area.
  • A 4-hole diamond drilling program in the Balbeggie area.

Community Engagement

Westrock endeavours to uphold a high community engagement standard in carrying out its exploration activities at the Stavely Block 1 project. The company has a Community Engagement web portal and a dedicated Community Liaison officer. Westrock has developed a good working relationship with all stakeholders through some key initiatives:

  • Participation in 3 community information webinars in June 202, facilitated by Minerals Development Victoria.
  • Written/physical visits to over 60 landholders in the project area during the water bore sampling program in October 2020. The program was conducted under Covid-19 restriction protocols.
  • Dispatched 46 letters to individual landholders on the result of the water analyses.
  • Receiving consent from 5 landholders and 1 Rural City Council for the RC drilling in March 2021.
  • Receiving consent from 6 landholders for the collection of soil samples.
  • Receiving consent from 1 landholder for the diamond drilling program in May-June 2022.
  • It is Westrock’s policy to prioritise local business for services and supplies.
  • Westrock is a senior sponsor of the Glenthompson-Dunkeld Football and Netball Club


Target Funding

The Stavely Block 1 project is subject to the Victorian Government’s TARGET mineral exploration funding scheme.

Westrock acknowledges TARGET funding that contributed 50% towards eligible exploration activities consisting mainly of the hydrogeochemical targeting and the scout RC drilling, which were reported in the Stavely Block 1 Milestone 1 report.

Westrock is in the process of submitting the Stavely Block 1 Milestone 2 report under the TARGET funding agreement. Milestone 2 mainly consists of the soil sampling and the diamond drilling programs.