Westrock Minerals undertakes to conduct all exploration activities strictly within the legal and regulatory framework of the jurisdictions it operates within. 

Westrock Minerals upholds the highest environmental standards followng effective environmental management plans.  Westrock Minerals follows strict workplace health and safety procedures for all employees and contractors.  Westrock Minerals considers all community stakeholders (landholders, native titleholders and other interested parties in its decision making processes and commits to keeping such groups fully informed through direct contact or local media.

Community Engagement Plan

Westrock’s community engagement plan consists of three phases:

1) Early engagement and information briefings

2) individual consultation and negotiation to gain access, and

3) on-going relationship with stakeholders.

 Westrock aims to engage with the local community and other stakeholders at the earliest opportunity to inform on planned exploration activities and address stakeholder concerns. For example, at the Stavely Block 1 project, Westrock attended a public meeting during the tendering process and participated in public information sessions before the commencement of any on-ground activities.

 During Phase 2 of the company’s community engagement program, Westrock will approach individual landowners who are impacted by the company’s planned exploration activities to provide further information and negotiate land access agreements. These may take the form of written or verbal consent for low impact exploration activities, or a more comprehensive access agreement for more advanced exploration activities, where a detailed Work Plan will need to be submitted to and approved by relevant State Authorities.

 Westrock’s community engagement program doesn’t stop after the completion of exploration activities on someone’s land. Westrock is committed to continuing engagement to address any legacy issues. All stakeholders can raise issues and contact the company through our Community Engagement Portal.

 If an exploration area is subject to Native Title claims, Westrock will work closely with the Native Title holder to obtain consent to conduct exploration. An example of this is our Mutooroo Ridge project in South Australia.